The deadline to register an Ontario Sire to stand stud in Ontario for the 2024 breeding season without a penalty is due Jan. 15.

Applications to register a stallion received by the Program after Jan. 15 will be subject to payment of a Late Registration Fee ($500).

A stallion is ineligible for registration as a 2024 Ontario Sire if it breeds or has bred any mares during the 2024 calendar year prior to the approval of the application. Applicants are encouraged to register their stallions online via the OSS website. Online payment is available.

Applications and cheques made payable to the OSS must be postmarked by Jan. 15 and can be mailed to:

Ontario Racing
c/o Standardbred Improvement Program
PO Box 160
Campbellville, ON
L0P 1B0

If you have any questions please contact OSS Program Coordinator, Christina Saftic at 416-407-4841 or